The Perfect Way To Wear Soccer Shin Guards

Shin Guards with Ankle Guards
The shin guards with ankle guards hold two parts. A firm plastic part covers the shin and a half-sock that glides over your ankle, putting two protecting plastic cups on each side of your ankle bone. The shin guards with ankle guards are typically used by youth athletes who need more protection. To use socks with this type of shin guard, placed the shin guard on first, joining the shin guard’s Velcro strap throughout your calf and aligning the ankle guard into position. After the shin guard is in place, uproot your sock over the shin guard so that your hose covers the whole part.

Shin Guards without Ankle Guards
Mature soccer athletes typically use shin guards that do not include ankle guards. This type of shin guard usually has simple plastic enclosures that slide beneath socks or into fabric sleeves or tighten around your calf with a Velcro band. For this kind of shin guard, set your socks and cleats on before putting your shin guard. Once the guard is in point, excavate the sock up over the top of the shin guard. Wrapping solid tape around your leg just underneath and just above the shin guard will help hold it in place.